Lover of living, laughing & sharing the beauty of Yoga.

Amanda is a Yoga and Barre Instructor with a passion for life and living each moment in a mindful, aware state. She constantly seeks to encompass this way of living on, and off her mat. She is a firm believer that your practice can reflect upon your time outside of the studio and inspire how you approach your everyday life. She loves to create unique, special Yoga events, rituals and experiences, finding different and interesting ways of sharing Yoga with people of all walks of life. 



Originally from New Zealand, Amanda enjoys traveling often and leading a transient lifestyle, gaining inspiration from her various adventures abroad. She constantly seeks to learn more and further educate herself, deepening her practice and widening her knowledge to expand her offerings as an instructor. She feels it is her destiny to share this path and these teachings with you.

Amanda trained in New Zealand at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies where she obtained a Diploma in Yoga, studying under some of the most inspirational and real teachers there are.

While Amanda was living in London and during her time traveling abroad in countries such as India and Bali, she has had many incredible opportunities to attend further workshops and teacher trainings with some amazing Practitioners that have inspired her and developed her immensely as an instructor. She has also completed Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training with Nadia Narain at TriYoga in Primrose Hill, London. Assisting women through this beautiful journey continues to be a great love of hers.

Amanda is also a qualified Barre Instructor. During her time residing in Britain she worked closely with Xtend Barre London, where she has taught Barre along with Yoga, and helped launch the Xtend Yoga Flow program for their Flagship Marylebone studio.

Amanda's classes are always an experience, whether they are dynamic or slow and restorative. They are often set to an inspiring playlist that takes you on a journey from start to finish, complements the class and uplifts your practice. Amanda has a fun and friendly approach to teaching, she loves to encourage people to push their boundaries and achieve things they didn't think they necessarily could, this applies to what they do on and off the mat. She loves to move around the class and engage with her students, offering adjustments and assisting as needed. She gives appropriate anatomical cues alongside encouragement and excitement to support each individuals journey through their practice. It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner, or an advanced yogi, Amanda revels in the achievements of her students, whether they are big or small. She loves to see the yoga spark ignited in everyone!